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RM 69.00

SIZE XS : 4Inch (10.2cm) X 6Inch (15.2cm)  480PCS / BOX

SIZE S    : 6 Inch (15.2cm) X 9 Inch (22.9cm) 260PCS / BOX

SIZE M   : 9 Inch (22.9cm) X 13 Inch (33cm)  100PCS / BOX

SIZE  L   : 11 Inch (27.9cm) X 15 Inch ( 38.1cm) 70PCS / BOX

SIZE XL : 14 Inch (35.6cm) X 19 Inch (48.3cm)  70PCS / BOX

Multiple heat-sealed on 2 sides and water-tight 

 2-inch flap for easier folding

“Secure Seal” is an easy to close flap, using strong bonding glue

“Easy Tear” tab with red string for convenient one-time re-opening 

Clear bubble laminated on the inside

“More Air” bubbles made of higher volume air pocket for better padding

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